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  How to Prevent Risk in the Spray Booth

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Nowadays, there are potential risk in the spray booth. It is very easy to lead great loss if the spray booth be on the fire. Because of its large volume, it is too difficult to put out a fire, and it is easy to fire others. Such as cars and the store. Therefore, we need to take care of the prevention risk in the spray booth in daily life. How to do for that? Here Spray Booth Machine Manufacture offers several points for your reference.

 How to Prevent Risk in the Spray Booth

1. To clean the carbon deposit inside the burner when using fuel room of the spray booth, and clean it up out of the furnace.

2.When heating, for diesel and wast oil, the heating temperature should be paid more attention, as much as possible to participate in the combustion, especially in cold start.

3, to check heat exchanger of stainless steel welding, and repair the crack in time, to reduce the diesel oil (or waste) extravasation.

4, Pay attention to the maintenance of top cotton, cotton. Changing them in time, and establishing a system to change regularly.

5, To check and control the temperature control device, the internal and external monitoring should be done at the same time. The highest temperature in the spray booth could not over 60 .

6, At the time of installation of spray booth room, all electrical wiring must set of fire tube with high quality material, all contacts must be connecting, and the contacts use heat shrinkable tube connection closed insulating tape before using.

7, The spray booth wall materials.EPS material should be used in a lot of wall materials in the spray booth with advantage of cheap price , but the defect is easy to shrink in the fire. If the internal flame, the wall will be heat shrink.You can consider a heat insulation choi steel, its ability to resist high temperature increase, which can effectively reduce shrinkage.

8, Follow the operation standard in the spray booth, it is strictly prohibited inside the barn with thinner cleaning spray gun;It is strictly prohibited in spray booth to store thinners;It is forbidden to throw waste paper pile up, discarded;It is strictly prohibited in spray booth maintenance , which can't dozen vehicles (sometimes there will be a car into a barn and cannot leave); Must pay attention to the label when using diesel.

9, To build an system of half an year overhaul.


Finally, as a technical personnel or enterprise operation management (especially medium and small repair shop of the factory director). What is top priority? In fact, good equipment and management, and safety of company and staff, all is the top priority in life.

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