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Fuel Injection Cleaner Launch CNC-801A

  • Introduction:Fuel Injection Cleaner Launch CNC-801A:Ultrasonic cleaning,Leakage test, Injecting flow test, On-vehicle cleaning
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  • Specification:   Injector Cleaner

    1.Power supply:AC220V±10%/50Hz~60Hz / AC110V±10%/ 50Hz~60 Hz

    2.Input power: 250W; 
    3.Ultrasonic cleaning power: 100W; 
    4.Simulated RPM range: 10~9990rpm; step: 10rpm; 
    5.Count range: 1~9999 times; 
    6.Pulse width: 0.5~25ms; step 0.1 ms;
    7. Fuel tank capacity: 4700ml; 
    8.Dimensions: 550mm×530mm×1400 mm;
    9. Weight: About 80kg.

  • Product details

Fuel Injection Cleaner Launch CNC-801A

Feature:  Injector Cleaner

With microcomputer-control technology applied, it can test the performance of injectors by simulating various working conditions of engines

With the technology of pressure control through the microcomputer, it can stabilize and adjust oil pressure in a wide range. Fit for various auto fuel injecting systems, it can carry out the whole test process automatically

With automatic control and digital technology, it can give total control of cleaning and testing through monitoring major parameters in different working conditions

With automatic draining technology applied, it can automatically drain demo oil by one push of the button 

9 incorporated functions: Ultrasonic cleaning, on-vehicle cleaning, back-flush cleaning, flow uniformity test, leak test, flow pattern test, injection test, minimum pulsed flow test and auto cleaning test

Single point injector (TBI) and multi-point injector (MPI) cleaning

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