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  • 1. Extensive vehicle coverage, powerful diagnostic functions, and precise test result.

  • 2. Via Bluetooth, it is simple for the VCI device to communicate with the tablet.

  • 3. Unique shop tough ergonomic design features strong rubber protection and housing

  • 4. Equipped with a higher performance-price ratio LENOVO display tablet with excellent performance.

  • 5. Supports all kinds of maintenance and resetting items.

  • 6. There are two kinds of X-431 V+ versions available to meet different vehicle requirements: Passenger car and Diesel & Gasoline vehicle.

  • 7. One-click update via Wi-Fi.

  • 8. Supports remote diagnosis.

  • 9. Print diagnostic result via LAUNCH Wi-Fi printer (purchased separately).

  • 10. Provides the ability to extend trucks diagnostic functions (for passenger car version)

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