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  The four wheel alignment’s operating Instruction

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As a basic equipment of vehicle inspection and test, four-wheel alignment is also the core equipment to measure and calibrate the parameter of wheel alignment. What should we know the operating instruction before using the four wheel alignment? Now, here was clear up detail for your reference. Totally, there are two main operating specification, which includes the checking before the wheel alignment and the requirement of wheel alignment.

4 wheel alignment

1. The checking before using wheel alignment

Firstly, it doesn’t allow clearance and damage for the car. We need to check the vehicle suspension, wheel bearing, and steering system, etc.

Secondly, the tire inflation pressure should be up to standard, and it only allow the tolerance of 2 mm for the sedan tire tread depth.

Thirdly, the vehicles and equipment is the whole unit weight.


2. The requirement of wheel alignment

(1) the car should be set on the lifting jack, and vehicles should be turn to machine. The vehicle should line up with the center of the lifting jack and rotary center.

(2) Inspection, changes vehicle specifications if necessary.

(3) we should be strictly to operate accordance with the wheel alignment device tips, and it don't allow to omit. Such as the wheel deviation compensation and tire testing should be done as requirement. The contents of the tire testing instruments should input the machine as the rules.

(4) The adjustment of 4 wheel alignment parameters (toe-in and camber), which should conform to the requirements of "maintenance manual" for various models. The test wheel alignment does not conform to specified requirements, which shall be adjusted (except the original car can not be adjusted).

(5) the adjustment method of each wheel alignment parameter should conform to the  "maintenance manual" requirements for each model vehicle.

(6) the car wheel alignment results should be saved and printed.



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