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  What Are the Functions of Four Wheel Alignment for Car?

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Four-wheel alignment plays a very important role in normal moving for cars. You should not ignore some phenomenon as a car owner. After a period of time for a car, there will be abnormal tire wear, parts wear speed up, twist direction, vehicle running deviation, fuel consumption increase, etc. And these phenomena are the reasons of the decrease of vehicle. To ensure the stability of the vehicle performance, the four-wheel alignment is the most effective way. It can not only ensure the normal driving of car, but also prolong the service life of tires and save fuel consumption at the same time. Here will share with you,the main function of four wheel alignment for car.


Firstly, for the tyres and car body, the wheel alignment maintains the best angle and improves grip comfort. If it has abnormal phenomena for your car, but no wheel alignment. Not only it has great influence on security, but also the service life of tires will be greatly reduced.

 Wheel Alignment CWA600

Secondly, to improve car’s controllability. Especially in an emergency, tire grip can drive as the driver's driving track as far as possible. Although this is an emergency, but the drive itself has certain risk, if we can make judgment before the coming danger,  it will protect your safety greatly.


Thirdly, to save fuel is better. Obviously, with the tire rolling friction coefficient decreases, the fuel consumption decreases. After adjusting for four-wheel positioning of the vehicle can be in the correct path, and reduce the wind resistance.Of course, changes in plants could also reduce fuel consumption.Combined with standard tire pressure values, the tires can not only maintain the best grip effect, but also can reduce friction between tire and ground, achieve the result of kill two birds with one stone.


Fourth, to guarantee driving safety. Tire is good and car is good, the security will also be greatly improved. Actually after a four-wheel positioning adjustment at the same time, the maintenance technician will check the vehicle suspension system and other (torture) components, it can determine whether the tyres on the chassis system have a bad effect. If it has abnormal, not only for the tyres are optimized, also the chassis also made the corresponding modification. Which  can determine the corresponding parts of tyre wear, to find potential hazard then to eliminate it as soon as possible.


Lastly, Enhance driving comfort,Reduce gasoline consumption, Increase the service life of the tyre, Ensure the straight stability of the vehicle, Lower the wear and tear for chassis suspension parts, Enhance road safety,etc. All above are the main functions of wheel alignment for car.

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