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  What is Inground Car Lift

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Today, we want to share the in-ground car lift. All the car lift we talk about before are classified by their pillar structure. Therefore, single post lift, double post lift, four post lift, scissor lift and inground car lift are in the classification of pillar structure. Let us talk about this inground style.

  inground car lift

Firstly, we introduce the classification of inground car lift. There are many kinds of ways to classify the inground car lift. If it bases on the lift arm, there are single and double inground car lift. According to its impetus, it was called mechanical inground car lift and hydraulic inground car lift. Also it is differentiated the floor type and ditch edge type inground car lift according to the loading position , .


Secondly, what are the main features of inground car lift?

1. Adopt external Motor-Hydraulic driven, with higher lifting force and reliable performance, also for ease of operating and maintenance.

2. The material of lifting pillars and piston of lifting cylinder, is of High-quality alloy steel, and chromium plate hardened, with prolonged durability

3. The seal of cylinder is Parker, which is excellent in sealing property and long service life.

4. The hoist pillars are rigid-joined through synchronized beams,which exhibits superior synchronous property during lifting and descending, and high operating smooth and steadiness.

5. Equipped with mechanical-pneumatic locking system (auto locking is driven by spring force, un-locking driven by high pressure-air), the hoister is automatically locked at any position, operating safety is ensured.

6. Hydraulic pipelines are designed accurately, vehicle of any weight can be lowered at constant speed, and zero leakage is guaranteed at the same time.

7. Equipped with retractable support arms, convenient for adjust angles, taken smaller areas under chassis/car body, leaving larger room for operating, more suitable for regular vehicle maintenance jobs.


Thirdly, the inground car lift machine is an ideal equipment for the large model cars’ maintenance. It is affordable and more practical on a less space workshop. It is installed on two orbit of the gutter. Generally, it adopts the electric drive model to lead screw and up and down the beam by slowing down the worm and worm gear.

This design makes the ingrounp car lifting machine more flexible and the lifting force more strong and steady. Furthermore, its installation operation is more convenience. It is the most ideal lifting equipment maintenance for buses or trucks. 


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