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  Garage Business Meeting with Funny and Winnie

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LAUNCH X-831E Wheel alignment

This is the first Tunisia customer i made a deal with. Normally this is the client from Alibaba, totally it took me about one month to make a successful deal with him. Thanks for his trust to support to us and we believe more business cooperation between us in the near future.

The LAUNCH X-831E 3D wheel alignment machine will be sent by air because the client is in urgent need of it. The automatic 3D car wheel alignment machine weights about 190kg and has 1cbm. Obviously, the sea shipping cost is more economical than the air freight. But the client insisted on the wheel alignment will be sent by air, because he needs the machine urgently. During the business transaction, i offered the products details and files ASAP and reply the customer’s puzzles about the wheel aligner machine quickly. So importantly, he believes that we are professional and also think that our company can always offer good service. 

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