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  What is Scissor Lift

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At present, with the development of car in China, the demand of vehicle maintenance and repair also increase greatly. The car lifting machine, as an important tool, also is hot selling in the market now. We share the introduction of scissor lift after the information of single post lift, double car lift and four post car lift.  


The introduction for scissor lift

Scissor lift, which adopts the scissors folding form, electric mechanical and transmission structure, is widely used in the maintenance for large vehicles. Scissor lift’s lifting speed is moderate and it does not take up the car pit . For the fixed car models with strong working strength, it is no doubt the best choice. Such as the maintain of bus. Usually, the scissor lift is used for four-wheel platform because of its simple structure with good synchronicity.

 scissor car lift

The scissors lift series

Scissor lift machine has three series , big scissors (mother-son type) and small scissors (single type) and ultra-thin scissors lifting machine. Small scissors lift is mainly used for automobile repair and maintenance because it is more security and easy to operate. When the scissor lift is even with the ground after excavation. The big scissor is the best equipment which is cooperate with four-wheel because its areas of gush. And it also can be as a maintain machine when you fix car tiers or check chassis . Besides, its installation can be in excavation or directly on the ground. Ultra-thin scissors lifting machine series is applied any repair shop without chamfer.


The application for scissor lift

As we all know, it is not suitable on some floor with the installation of double car lift or the four post lift. The scissor lift is different on the ground area because its touching area is wide, it can be installed in any floor to resolve the ground problems.This type scissor lift is more and more popular in the future as mainstream products, and foreign trend to like this kind of maintain equipment.


No matter you want big scissor lift or small scissor lift for car maintain, welcome to contact us for your order. And it does not let you down on our product quality.

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