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  The Operating Rules of Tire Changer

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Usually, the tire changer is necessary when you install and remove the tire for car or truck in the life. However, how to use the tire changer when you change the tire for your car? Here offers the knowledge of operation rules for tire changer, and hope it will help you in the life between you and your cars.


First of all, the tire changer’s power must be in normal state, and it should be closed when non-work state. Because the machine pressure is a normal pressure, and it does not connect duct in non-work state.


Then, you should check whether the tire frame is deformation or not. And keep note the gas mouth, it should not has any leakage and crack.


Besides, the tire pressure should be gave off. You can twist gas mouth and place the tire in the middle of compression arm. And both sides of the tire and the wheel need to be took apart by operating the compression arm.


Furthermore,the tires to be removed by the switches.

The tire marks should be up when you install the new tires. And the tire installation is done by switches again.


Lastly, all switches must be in the closed position after you finish the assembly by tyre changer.


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