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  Do You Know Tire Changer Structure

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A tire changer also is called tyre changer. which is a machine used to help tire technicians dismount and mount tires with automobile wheels. And it is used to install and uninstall automobile tires for the motorcycle, car and trucks and other vehicles. It is necessary equipment for car repair shops and for 4S shop. The pneumatic is the common type,and the other is hydraulic type.

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Structure of tire changer

1, Table: the tire primarily was took apart in this table. Which can place the tires and rotate the tyre.

2, Separate arm: it was set in the side of the tire machine and is mainly used to separate the tyre and rim smoothly .

3, Air inflation and bleeding equipment: which suits for inflatable or tear open outfit when putting off the tyres , and it has pressure gauge to measure pressure. The tire is about 2.2 a tm. It also is equal to 0.2 Mpa.

4, Foot pedals: there has three foot pedal switches under open tire machine, they play different roles respectively, which include rotating the switch by clockwise and counterclockwise, separating and speeding up the switch,  and the separation of rim and tire switch.

5, Lubricants: it is conducive for the tire when dismantling, to reduce tire pile damage in the process, and to make the tyre dismantling work well.

6, Compressed air interface

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