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Changing Tire CWTC 211G

  • Introduction:JLY is a professional Car Tire Changer Manufacturers in China.Changing Tire CWTC 211G with Max. Rim Width: 12" and Max. Rim Diameter: 39"
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Changing Tire CWTC 211G

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Changing Tire CWTC 211G

Outside Clamping 10”-18” 11”-22” 10”-24”
Inside Clamping 12”-20” 13”-24” 12”-26”
Max. Wheel Width 12” 12.5” 14”
Max. Wheel Diameter 39” 39” 42”
Working air pressure 8 -10bar
Bead Breaker Force (at 8bar) 2500kgf
Gross Weight 225kg 235kg 265kg
Voltage Options 220V/50Hz/60Hz/1PH
380V/50Hz/3 PH
Packing Size 97*77*100cm 97*77*100cm 115*77*100cm
Additional Devices Adjustable bead breaker shovel


-JUNLIYE designed double-structure cabinet.
-2500Kgf bead breaker cylinder.
-Swing arm design.
-Adjustable bead breaker shovel (only GC ).

 bead breaker cylinder 

01: Provide plastic protection tools to reduce rim damage during mounting or demounting.

02: 200 mm bead breaker cylinder with 2500 kgf of bead breaking force.

Pedal control

03:Pedal control assembly is a front extractable drawer design for easy maintenance.

04:58kg weight double structure designed cabinet. Built for stronger.

ULMH for demounting and reduce the damage on rims

05:Equipped with ULMH for demounting and reduce the damage on rims.

06:Equipped with extra powerful left assist arm.

Optional upgrade IT or IP system

07:Optional upgrade IT or IP system. Equipped a large air tank and rim jaw system, inflate into tire directly.

08:Optional upgrade HHBC. Seal bead directly by hand hold nozzle. Convenient to use.

Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories

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