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Fuel Injection Systems JLY-6H

  • Introduction:Fuel Injection Systems JLY-6H Leakage hunting Separated ultrasongic bath Manual test liquid recycle
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  • Number of testing injectors  6
    Oil pressure  0-6.5kg
    Weight  32kg
    Dimension  590(W)*620(D)*580(H)mm

  • Product details

Fuel Injection Systems JLY-6H with manual drain valve

1.Test range: MPI,  CIS injector (top feed).
2.6 Cylinders injectors Tester and Cleaner.
3.Injector fuel distribution and delivery checking; leakage hunting; injector cleaning; 
4.Drain the testing liquid by manual valve..
5.Separated ultrasonic bath.
6.With movable dolly.

Product parameters:

Clean Fuel Injectors JLY-6

Petrol Injector Cleaner JLY-6D

Fuel Injector Tester JLY-6F

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